Third leg No. 3

I have equipped my third leg instrument with a Teensy-based polyphonic synthesizer. It features 8 note polyphony with each note having 2 voices.

120 DEN Poster

Interpretation of Katzi Reiter from the series Window Shopping to 10 a.m. by Martin Kippenberger, 2020 (photo by Jörg Obergfell)

Belgische Betonküste

During the Second World War, the Belgian coastline was considered one of the most heavily fortified areas of the Atlantic Wall. Today, it is accessible along a stretch of 65 km. More than half of it is built-up. In a large part, the multi-storey buildings reach right up to the beach, only to drop down to the one- to two-storey eaves height directly behind them. Seen from the sea: a wall of concrete or a modern Atlantic wall.

Collection of Places and Spaces

Brutalist places

Abandoned theme parks

bus stops

Wirkliche Unwirklichkeit

Site-specific collection of (un)real places, since 2014


work in progress since 2010

porto torrey (italy) 2009

Blaue Leuchtstoffröhre sucht Fisch

photo collage since 2014


work in progress since 2010

Markierungen IV, Cardénas, Cuba, 2012

Mixed media installation, 2007

Input/Output № 33, Pact Zollverein, 2007

2 Lamdaprints, á 180×125 cm, 2006

QF Typ 100

8 Lambdaprints á 110 x 90 cm & 1-channel video installation, 2:07 min as loop, 2006

Mann, Frau und Hund

Found footage – series of 8 couple pictures, 16 Lamdaprints on wood á 10×15 cm, 2003