8 Lambdaprints á 110 x 90 cm & 1-channel video installation, 2:07 min as loop, 2006

At the beginning of the 1960s, Quelle Fertighaus GmbH developed a prefabricated house to make it easier for the middle and lower classes to buy their own home. Throughout Germany, 144 houses of the first model series Type 100 (100 m²) were sold. Based on this sales figure, I deal with the monotony of prefabricated construction.

In the video installation, the idea of owning a home in an idyllic landscape is taken ad absurdum by symbolically stacking all the sold houses on top of each other.

The photos give an insight into a house of the first model series. A walk through the house was recorded on video. The juxtaposition of the individual images from the video recordings in the show house creates a 3D effect that appears slightly distorted due to the temporal movement in the video.

Credits: Sound by Thilges, Offene Gesellschaft (Staubgold 2004)